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Paraná Research / IJL / BNL: Most of federal deputies is favorable legalization of gaming



In the Paraná Pesquisas survey the parlamentarians were favorable of legalizing all modalities gaming as planned in bill PL 442/91: casinos, jogo do bicho, bingos, videogames / BR1 and online games

The institute also consulted deputies about localization preference for casinos installation and the most preferred by tourist towns

Paraná Pesquisas reveals 52.1% federal deputies are favorable of legalizing games such as casinos, jogo do bicho, bingos, videogames and online games, as provided for in bill PL 442/91. 40.8% of parliamentarians are opposed and 7.1% do not know / did not respond.

Contracted by BNL news portal in partnership with the Instituto Brasileiro Jogo Legal – IJL, the Paraná Pesquisas consulted 238 federal deputies through personal or telephone interviews between May 27 and 31 of this year. The main question of the survey was “Mr(s). is for or against the legalization of ALL gaming in Brazil, ie, legalization of casinos, animal game, bingo houses, video game and online game?

When separated by Regions, 54.9% of the deputies from the Southeast are favorable, followed by parliamentarians from the Northeast with 53.8%, from the South with 50.0% and from the North / Central West with 46.9%.

Arguments against the legalization of games

The poll also pointed to the arguments listed by parliamentarians opposed to legalization: money laundering (20.6%), pathology increase (17.2%), religious (10.1%), inspection deficit (9.7%) and absence of control (9.2%).

Casinos in tourist cities

Paraná Pesquisas also asked parliamentarians favorable to legalize “Regarding casinos, if legalized, do you think they should be in any locality, in tourist cities, in cities with low IDH, only in resorts integrated or is this indifferent? ” majority were favorable to facilities in tourist cities. The poll proves that despite the wishes some deputies, the last option of parliamentarians was for installation of casinos ‘only in integrated resorts’.

The majority preference is for the installation of casinos in tourist cities with 40.1%. In second place is installation of casinos in low IDH cities with 21.6%. Thirdly, parliamentarians are indifferent with 16.2%, followed by the option in any locality with 8.4%. The minority option was for installation of casinos ‘only in integrated resorts’ with only 7.2%.

When segmented by region, the most of deputies of the South Region are favorable in tourist cities with 56.7%, followed by the Southeast with 39.7% and the Northeast with 34.7%.

The Paraná Pesquisas survey overturn the biggest myth about preference for the legalization of casinos in integrated resorts.