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Gambling legalization could save Brazil from its financial crisis


Bacelar believes that legalizing all gambling verticals would create jobs.

Paraná Research / IJL / BNL: Most of federal deputies is favorable legalization of gaming

In the Paraná Pesquisas survey the parlamentarians were favorable of legalizing all modalities gaming as planned in bill PL 442/91: casinos, jogo do bicho, bingos, videogames / BR1 and online games

The institute also consulted deputies about localization preference for casinos installation and the most preferred by tourist towns

Paraná Pesquisas reveals 52.1% federa...


A matter of basic freedom: end the state monopoly and allow a gambling and lottery market

Daniel Homem de Carvalho - Brazilian Gaming Regulation: another point of view

For several decades, Brazil has been living the dilemma of so-called gambling legislation. Dozens of bills have been sponsored and some are still being debated in Congress.



Singapore’s casino operation model is not appropriate to Brazil

During the relaunch of Parliamentary Front for the approval of the Regulatory Framework of Gaming, Brazil Legal Gaming Institute (IJL) president's commented the best for Brazil w...


Chamber prepares environment to vote ‘Law Sheldon Adelson’

The strategy to legalize only IRs is in progressThe report "Casinos will double the number of international tourists in Brazil" published by the portal Mercado & Eventos confirms that the President of the Chamber, Deputy Rod...


Rodrigo Maia discusses the legalization of matches in Rio

After the expedient this Monday (27), Daniel Homem de Carvalho received in office 'Lins, Homem de Carvalho & Pizzolante', in the center of Rio de Janeiro, businessmen and l...


Geraldo Alckmin defends the legalize gambling in Rio

"I am in favor of to legalize games, first because the games already exist"

The former governor of São Paulo and pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic by the PSDB, Geraldo Alckmin again defended the legalize gambling in the country during th...


Las Vegas Sands Cheers Gambling Change By Brazilian Media Giant

Estimates project a regulated gaming market in Brazil could exceed $6.1bn per year in revenueA paradigm shift on gambling by Globo, Brazil’s largest media conglomerate, could be pivotal in the ongoing debate over the legalization of casinos and other gaming operations in S...


Gaming legalization: retreat to move forward

Besides the political work, at this moment it will be important to prove that for the games only has a solution: the legalization of all modalities

The board of Brazilian Legal Game Institute (IJL) fulfilled in the last week an agenda of gatherings, meetings and hearings with parliamentarians and government representatives...


Creation Ministry of Public Security will be another opportunity for the legalization of games

President Michel Temer plans to create Ministry of Public Security

President Michel Temer plans to create Ministry of Public Security, removing duties Ministry of Justice. The idea is to announce the folder in April, when a ministerial reform ...


Statement by President of Chamber still has repercussions

To approve PLS 186/14 first, it guarantees Senate the final word in the text of the legalization, thus avoiding the maneuver of the deputies 'Pró-casinos'

The report by O Estado de São Paulo, which reiterated the desire President of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ) to legalize only casinos, isn't news for defenders ...


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Mito: lavar dinheiro em bingo é caro e perigoso

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08/05/2020 ,

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